Nicholas McLeod: Badlands

2 December 2011 - 3 February 2012

This December, EB&Flow present an exhibition of new work from Threadneedle Prize 2011 Visitor's Choice Winner, Nicholas McLeod. McLeod's meticulously painted sinister landscapes of abandoned places, wastelands and crime scenes employ a sense of power and energy.


McLeod's work investigates how a quotidian setting can easily become threatening; fictional scenes indicate that some event has taken place, or is just about to, but nothing is explicitly revealed. In depicting abandoned clapboard houses, disused water parks and remote farms, a general atmosphere of darkness and unease is apparent although not prescribed. Badlands was created using source material gathered from films, documentaries and the internet as part of McLeod's ongoing documentation of contrastingly banal yet ominous crime scene images. McLeod's paintings often create a mood of isolation and all of his works are noticeably absent of human form and habitation.